Christian Doppler Laboratories

The Christian Doppler Research Association (CDG) promotes cooperation between science and business. Specifically, this takes place in specially established research units with fixed terms, in which application-orientated basic research is pursued.

The following CD laboratories are currently set up at Montanuniversität Leoben:

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Advanced Synthesis of Novel Multifunctional Coatings

Led by: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Rostislav Daniel, Chair of Functional Materials and Materials Systems

Contact: Tel.: +43 3842 402-4228, Email: rostislav.daniel(at)

Duration: 1/8/2015-31/7/2022

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Extractive Metallurgy of Technological Metals

Led by: Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Stefan Luidold, Chair of Nonferrous Metallurgy

Contact: Tel.: +43 3842 402-5220, Email: stefan.luidold(at)

Duration: 1/6/2015–31/5/2022

Christian Doppler Laboratory for high efficient composite processing

Led by: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Schledjewski, Chair of Processing of Composites

Contact: Tel.: +43 3842 402-2700, Email: ralf.schledjewski(at)


Duration: 1/4/2013–30/3/2020

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Functional and Polymer Based Ink-Jet Inks

Led by: Ass.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Thomas Grießer, Chair of Chemistry of Polymeric Materials

Contact: Tel.: +43 3842 402-2358 or -2361, Email: thomas.griesser(at)


Duration: 1/1/2012–31/12/2019

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Advanced Process Simulation of Solidification and Melting

Led by: Assoz.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Menghuai Wu, Chair of Modelling and Simulation of Metallurgical Processes

Contact: Tel.: +43 3842 402-3103, Email: menghuai.wu(at)

Homepage: Details on CDG site

Duration: 1/7/2011–30/6/2018

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Optimization and Biomass Utilization in Heavy Metal Recycling

Led by: Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Jürgen Antrekowitsch, Chair of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy

Contact: Tel.: +43 3842 402-5203, Email: antreko(at)

Homepage: Details on CDG site

Duration: 1/1/2011–31/12/2017